Membee Has Proven to Improve Turnaround for Dues Payments & Showcase Events

By using Membee’s automated dues and event features, the International Relations Council saw an uptick in membership dues payments & successfully showcased a series of events virtually!

The International Relations Council’s (IRC) membership represents many different types of individuals and organizations so everyone comes to them for different reasons. With their all-in-one membership website, the Council has received successful responses from their membership dues and events!

The Decision to Choose Membee

Before the IRC was using Membee, they had a program with a self-contained website and platform with its own CRM and email system. 

A few of IRC’s favorite things of Membee are:

  1. Expertise
    The system leans into other expertise and best practices (e.g MailChimp, Payment Gateways, WordPress, etc)
  2. Powerful System
    The system focuses on a powerful CRM and powerful reporting tool
  3. A Streamlined All-In-One Platform
    All of it is pulled together into an all-in-one website
  4. Versatility of the System
    The system works with individuals & organizations, and unlimited contacts or records
  5. Help Center & Support
    There are so many tutorials and training videos and nearly always, they’re able to find what they need or easily reach out to get our help
  6. Pricing Structure
    The subscription model allows them to know what they’re paying for

“Membee leans into other platforms that have the expertise in the field, such as the way Membee encourages us to use MailChimp, for example, and doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Or even with payment processing – just so we’re able to implement with the best platforms where the communication actually works”

Matthew H, International Relations Council

Less Time Spent Chasing Membership Dues

Overall, the seamless integration of membership dues with their website has made it easy for their members to pay for their dues. Immediately, they noticed:

  • Dues are being paid faster
  • They don’t need to track down membership dues as much as before
  • More free time to do other things

“The dues collections have been really great – anecdotally, people are paying their invoices faster now so we’re not having to track down membership dues as much which is freeing up time for us to do other things. We used to have to call people and get in touch! Membee’s automated reminders have been nice, we’ve been able to customize the language to better match our tone and needs of our members.”

Matthew H, International Relations Council

Virtually Showcasing 10 Events into 1

We all know the downsides of the pandemic, but virtual normalcy has provided IRC with a great and innovative opportunity. 

By going virtual, they had a collection of 10 events in a day-long event, providing an opportunity for their members to see the full scope of events that the IRC does in hopes that people will try something new! 

“Because everything is virtual, we did a day-long event that was a collection of 10 or 11 events throughout the course of a day – we were able to put all of those into the calendar and get everything organized… It was the virtual events that made us do that, we wouldn’t be able to do that in person.”

Matthew H, International Relations Council

Take Their Recommendations

Don’t take it from us, here’s what Matthew is recommending:

“You’re coming up with a top-notch website that also has this powerful engine (system) behind it – for a membership organization, that’s really, really important. You could have the most powerful engine in the world but if you don’t have the website access portal for people, it’s not going to matter – I appreciate Membee Complete for that”

Matthew H, International Relations Council

About International Relations Council

The International Relations Council strengthens Kansas City’s global perspective by maintaining an active dialogue around world events, global issues, and their impact on our community. As a nonpartisan, educational nonprofit organization, the IRC values informed civil discourse, accessibility, and substance as we work to sharpen our community’s 21st-century global acumen.

Our vision is a globally informed, engaged, and active Kansas City community that welcomes diverse perspectives and connects through a sincere desire to contribute to our shared future.

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