Styling Your Event Feeds to Display Horizontally or Vertically

Your event feeds can be more than just a plain list. Make it your own by enhancing the event feed styling to best suit your website and branding – we provide a sample for you to use!

A Prologue About Event Feeds

Event feeds allow you to automatically display your events on your website. You can customize event feeds to display all events, featured events, events within a specific category or city, etc – you call the shots! 

Events will automatically be removed from the feed when they’re in the past and new events will automatically display.

How are Event Feeds Styled?

Event feeds are styled by using the custom stylesheet for CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) styling.

You can style each event feed to best suit the page it’s displayed on. Sometimes, you might want an event feed to display horizontally or vertically. 

Displaying a Vertical Event Feed in Your Sidebar

By default, your event feeds will automatically display vertically in a list using basic styling. This is perfect to display in your sidebar but you can place it anywhere on your website!

In the comparison below, we demonstrate how the basic styling (left) is improved with custom styling (right). 

Want to implement the custom styling (right)? Click here to copy the sample style to get started

Displaying a Horizontal Event Feed on a Page

On some occasions, you may want to highlight your events with a little bit of a pop on your website. Displaying your event feed horizontally can be more engaging than you think. 

In the preview below from our example website, a Featured Events section displays on the home page to highlight events

Want to start using the horizontal styling? Click here to copy the sample style to get started

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

For more detailed instructions, visit the links below (Membee login required):

If you would like to share your story with Membee or have further questions, contact us at!

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Quentin Kilian

can I remove the border around the outside of the widget using the style sheet ?