Dynamically Display Your Content With Full Customization Capabilities

One of the most used elements by Membee Complete users is the Content Box element, allowing users to dynamically input content using pre-designed layouts.

Membee Complete’s next-generation editor is easy to use for anyone from all walks of life. With over 50 different design elements to use, you can easily create aesthetic pages to best communicate your message to your members.

What are Content Boxes?

Content Boxes are pre-designed layouts that allow you to input your content in an engaging method. They can comprise of:

  • An icon (optional)
  • Title
  • Description (formattable text box)
  • A call-to-action link (button)

Different Design Layouts of Content Boxes

You have 8 design layouts to best suit how you would like to present your content. Below are four of the most common layouts:

1. Classic Icon On Top

The position of the icon is within the box but displays at the top

(click to enlarge)

2. Classic Icon on Side

The icon is located to the left or right of the content box

(click to enlarge)

3. Classic Icon Boxed

The position of the icon is placed on the top edge of the box

(click to enlarge)

4. Timeline Horizontal (& Vertical)

The content boxes can be used to display in a timeline format to show that each box is connected to the other

(click to enlarge)

See It In Action

You can see a snapshot of some of the most common settings for content boxes in the video below such as:

  1. Re-order content boxes with drag and drop 
  2. Change the layout in a single click
  3. Change the number of columns to display
  4. Change the link display (text, button bar, or button)

What Are Content Boxes Used For?

Content Boxes can be used for just about anything and everything. They’re often used in cases such as:

  • To display different membership sign up forms with links to each form
  • List of members-only resources with links to each resource
  • Display content in separated sections
  • List of different programs or publications

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