Get a Head Start & Review Your Annual Membership Billing

With the new year coming close, get a head start and review your annual membership billing for the upcoming renewals! We prepared a cheat sheet for you to review and start making changes before the new year comes around in a blink of an eye!

We know that at the end of each year, there can be many upcoming changes that you need to prepare for. This includes pricing changes, reviewing memberships before they are sent, etc. We prepared a four-step procedure for you to get a head start before renewals come right around the corner!

1. Check Your Setup

The first step is to double-check your automations and your eBilling widget setup to ensure members will be billed and can pay online without any issues!


  1. Double-check your automation settings (click here for instructions)
  2. Confirm when the invoices will be posted
  3. Identify the email templates used for your automation and review/edit the email (click here for instructions)

eBilling Setup

  1. Check if the “Hosted Page URL” shows the correct page (click here for instructions)
    • Tip: the Hosted Page URL is the page where your eBilling widget is embedded
  2. Review the “Logo” URL field to confirm the right logo is used on your online invoices
  3. Review the “Comments” field to ensure the details are correct

2. Consider Any Billing Changes

If there are any billing changes such as a pricing change for new or existing members, you’ll need to make these adjustments.

  1. Review your membership billing item settings (click here for instructions)
  2. Change the prices for your existing and new membership billing (click here for instructions)
    • Note: changing the billing item price will be effective for new memberships effective immediately so this should be done when you’re ready to charge new members the updated price
    • Tip: when running the revalue report, preview the “PDF” before clicking “Process Data” to confirm the changes that Membee will make

3. Preview In Advance

A good practice is to preview your upcoming dues invoices to review if the membership renewals look correct

4. Review Your Automation Notifications

When steps 1-3 are completed above, keep an eye out for your automation notifications that are sent to you every Monday if there is anything to report. Membee will provide you with the following per automation:

  • Summary of any automation emails sent from the previous week
  • Upcoming automations for the following week, giving you a chance to review and make any adjustments necessary

Questions? Need Help?

At any point, if you need assistance with your annual billing, you’re welcome to reach out to us! If you would like to share your story with Membee or have further questions, contact us at!

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