A 2021 Year in The Hive

Just like that, another year has passed! It’s time for a full year in review of 2021 and all the buzz in the hive!

We can’t be the only ones in disbelief that it’s already 2022! As 2021 comes to a wrap, it’s time to take a look at all the buzz within the past year. Take this opportunity to look back and see what you can take advantage of in 2022!


“Looking Back at 2020” Webinar

We started the year by introducing our year in review webinar of all the features we released within 2020. Did you miss this? If you did, we have it recorded! Visit the blog and you’ll be able to re-watch the webinar by clicking the button to learn more about the webinar.


Styling Your Membee Widgets

With our built-in styling options and the ability to fully customize your widget’s CSS, your Membee widgets can stay consistent with your website’s branding.

Connect With Your Lapsed Members

Is it the year to reconnect with members you’ve lost in the past years? It’s a great opportunity to start the year off with a bang and reach out to lapsed members, offering a promotion to take advantage of your membership benefits again!


Get Innovative with Membee Complete

While life and membership events became more digital, we featured the Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA) who used Membee Complete for an innovative approach for their 2021 exhibit booths! You can get innovative with Membee Complete too!

Sell More Than Just Memberships

Memberships may be the bulk of it, but why not sell resources that your members will use? Selling resources such as publications, advertising, sponsorships, or merchandise are great alternatives to generating non-dues revenues!


Membership Website Designed as Your All-In-One Solution

Want to have better brand representation and better website integration with your membership features? Membee Complete offers an all-in-one solution for your needs so you can work with the same friendly support team for both your website and membership needs. BILD Calgary shares their experience so that you can weigh your options too!

Advanced Event Management Webinar

We dove right into more advanced event features in a webinar so that you could take advantage and get more from your events. Missed it? We have you covered with a full replay of the webinar!


Bilingual Capabilities on Your Website

Membee’s widgets allow you to set up bilingual capabilities, serving different markets in your membership. Even better, Membee Complete offers a fully bilingual website feature for you to take advantage of!

Add or Remove Contacts Easily

We know that organizations can come across structural changes – it will happen. We improved the process for you to add or remove contacts in a streamlined method to save you time!


Confirm if Your Emails Sent to Your Member

There are two methods to checking if an email was sent to a member – we always document and allow you to view a history of these emails, allowing you to rely on Membee confidently.

Membee’s 2020 Support Performance

After receiving the industry averages in our support system, we compared Membee’s performance with the average and we’re proud to show you our commitment to you, proven through the statistics!


Members Can Reinstate Their Membership

Sometimes, time flies by and members forgot to pay their dues in time, and soon enough, they’ve lapsed! Make it easy for lapsed members to rejoin again by allowing them to reinstate their membership on their own!

Maximize Your Membee Integration

In a webinar, we look at how you can amp up your website and maximize the use of Membee’s features on your website. Missed the webinar? Don’t worry, there’s a full replay!


Increase Membership Dues & Showcase Events Virtually

The International Relations Council shares a great benefit to migrating to Membee – they’ve spent less time chasing membership dues and dues are paid quicker than ever! That’s a win!

Store Information with Parameters

Parameters allow you to set up pre-determined values in a field and your members or you can apply a value (or multiple) to a record. This is great to track information such as newsletter subscriptions.


Gather Custom Text, Numbers, or Dates

Store information about your members that require their input upon sign up or through your member profiles by using custom fields. Custom fields provide a diverse option for you to gather information such as certification number, graduation date, etc.

Style Event Feeds Horizontally or Vertically

Based on where your event feed is displayed on your website, you can style it in different ways, the possibilities are endless with the custom stylesheet for CSS.


Display Content Dynamically on Your Website

Input content on your website with pre-designed layouts using the Content Boxes in Membee Complete! Content boxes have a number of different designs and it’s as easy as simply entering in your content and choosing how to display it – that’s it.

Review Your Annual Billing

With our cheat sheet, no matter when you bill the bulk of your members, you can start making changes just in time for the billing to be sent out.

The Best Practices to Keep Members Renewing

In our last webinar of the year, we dive into how you can keep your members renewing with five best practices. Missed this webinar? You can watch a full replay!


Display Member Testimonials on Your Website

Testimonials are an integral part of the decision-making process for any product or service. Get the best testimonials you can and make them visible to non-members or other members right from your Membee Complete website!

See Your Website Edits Live

With Membee Complete, while you edit your website, you can see exactly how the content will appear if you publish your changes – this live editor allows you to work efficiently and effectively!

Welcoming 2022

Each year, we’re committed to working smarter, harder, and better for all of our users.

We want to thank everyone for the great year and we wish you all a great 2022!

If you have any questions regarding Membee, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@membee.com.

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