Display a Call to Action, News Feeds, or More Globally on Your Website

Need to display a set of content across selected pages on your website consistently? Whether that’s a call to action or a news section, Membee Complete’s Global Containers and Global Elements allow you to edit the content once and update it across multiple pages simultaneously.

You may have specific content that you want to highlight throughout your website. Key examples include a News Feed section, a Call to Action section, or a Featured Events section

With Membee’s Complete’s Global contents, you can set up containers, columns, or elements that can display identically across numerous pages and be updated automatically on all pages when you make a change.

What Are The Benefits?

Global containers, columns, or elements can cut down your workflow by:

  • Allowing you to make the change to the global content once
  • Saves you time from updating the content on other pages – it does it automatically for you
  • Keep your messaging consistent on your website
  • Helps highlight key content to the visitor

How Does It Work?

In simple terms, it’s similar to saving content to be used again in the future.

By making a container, column, or element global, you can:

  • Add the content to any page in a few clicks
  • The content would appear exactly the same on all pages
  • When editing the global container, column, or element, it will update on other pages that it’s deployed on

Below is a video example of a Call to Action that is saved as a global container. As a single change is made, it is also updated on other pages:

Three Steps to Create Global Content

You’re essentially taking the same steps to save an element or a section of content as per normal:

  1. With the existing content, click the save container/column/element option
  2. Check the “Save As Global” setting
  3. Save the content

The content is saved as global which allows it to be used on other pages and updated on all pages when changes are made.

Already Using Membee?

This add-on is only available to Membee Complete clients. If you’re interested in Membee Complete, contact us and we’ll start by providing a cost comparison of your current subscription and more details!

New To The Hive?

If you’re looking to implement Membee Complete, choose your design and complete the demo form in the button below to schedule a demo of Membee Complete.

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