Enable the Option for Members to Reverse Their Cancellation Themselves

In a unified workflow, you can allow members with a pending cancellation, effective at a future date, to reverse their cancellation and stay as a member indefinitely – saving you and your members time! 

Sometimes, membership cancellations will happen, we know nothing lasts forever. You can provide the option for members to cancel their own membership and restart their membership at their fingertips. 

Allow Members to Cancel or Restart Their Membership

At the discretion of your organization, you can make it convenient for your members by enabling the following:

  1. Membership Cancellation
    • Do not allow them to cancel themselves (internally cancel memberships)
    • Allow members to cancel themselves
    • Allow members to request cancellation
  2. Restarting Memberships
    • Internally restart members who are pending cancellation
    • Allow members pending cancellation to restart

3 Cancellation Effective Date Options

Depending on the situation, cancellations can be effective as follows:

TodayMembership will be cancelled immediately

Login and all other areas would be disabled
A Jan – Dec 31 membership is cancelled today and effective immediately.
End of the Paid InstallmentFor annual memberships that are billed on a monthly, quarterly, etc frequency, the cancellation will be effective at the end of the paid frequency A Jan 1 – Dec 31 membership is billed on a monthly basis.

The member has paid for March and would like to cancel – their last membership date would be March 31
End of the Membership PeriodMember has paid for their full membership year and the cancellation would be effective after their paid period

Login and all other areas would be disabled automatically when the period is passed
For a paid Jan 1 – Dec 31 membership, if a member cancels today, their cancellation would be effective after Dec 31

Who Can Restart Their Membership?

Members with pending cancellation are:

  • Members that have opted to cancel, but their cancellation is effective at the end of their paid installment or paid membership period
  • The member would be able to reserve the cancellation until the last day of their paid membership

For example, John Smith decides to cancel today (February 15) and his January 1 – December 31 membership is fully paid. John Smith would be pending cancellation and can restart his membership until December 31. If he restarts, he continues to be a member and renew 

How Can Members Restart Their Membership?

If the option is enabled, members can:

  1. Log into their profile
  2. View/Edit their profile information
  3. Click on the restart membership button
  4. Confirm and proceed with the restart (this will reverse the cancellation) 

Below is an example of this process

Automatically Contact Members with Pending Cancellations

It might be the last chance you can get to retain these members with pending cancellations! 

Membee’s “Please Restart” automation is built to 

  • Contact the members automatically before their cancellation is effective (i.e. 15 days prior to cancellation)
  • OR notify your team of members with a list of the pending cancellations as a chance for you to personally contact and retain them

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

For more detailed instructions, visit the links below (Membee login required):

If you would like to share your story with Membee or have further questions, contact us at support@membee.com!

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