Archive: March 2022

Flexible Customization Options in Person & Organization Directory Listings

Diving into the first installment in the series, we’re looking at a full preview of both person and organization listing. We’ll examine the powerful features common to all listings such as three image gallery layouts to choose from, building custom sections, drag & drop to reorganize sections, and displaying the listings in a single or double column layout.

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Member Directory Completely Redesigned – Tons of New Features!

In a four-part series, we’ll be highlighting the exciting new design and innovative new features coming to your online member directories. We’ll dig into the tons of features around how your directory is searched, how those search results are displayed, how a member’s listing is displayed, and how you can shape a member’s presence in the directory automatically based on their membership level!

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Six Hours of Invaluable Best Practices & Features

Missed out on one of our webinars? Don’t count yourself out – rewatch all of our webinars since 2020. Access 6 hours of best practices covering topics including a full demo of Membee Complete, membership retention, acquiring new members, or even advanced event setups – you can start using them today!

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