Member Directory Completely Redesigned – Tons of New Features!

In a four-part series, we’ll be highlighting the exciting new design and innovative new features coming to your online member directories. We’ll dig into the tons of features around how your directory is searched, how those search results are displayed, how a member’s listing is displayed, and how you can shape a member’s presence in the directory automatically based on their membership level!

Every organization is different so new easy-to-use features will allow you to customize your member directories to an unprecedented level with the new directory. By just selecting checkboxes and dragging sections or content around, you can quickly launch a directory that yields better results for your organization and more importantly, for your members.

For the next four weeks, we’ll be posting weekly updates with a sneak-peek into specific areas of the new directory that will be released in the coming weeks! (P.S. When we have specific news on that, you’ll be sure to hear from us! 😄)

Benefits of the New Design

There are numerous benefits to the new design – some key benefits include:

Mobile-First Design

Our “ground-up” redesign utilized a “mobile-first” approach to making it even easier for people to find your members from the device they already have in their hand – their phone. 

We ensure that the navigation and search tools are modernized for a simple-to-use workflow, and make it easy to find and contact your members while on the go.

Customize What’s Important For Your Listings

You can fully customize and reorganize the information in your member listings based on what is important. 

For example, if images of products or services are most important, you can drag the new gallery to display at the top of the listings. All sections can be customized with drag and drop capabilities. 

You can even build custom content sections to form logical groupings of custom fields and parameters fields to make key member information such as expertise, services offered, etc, easier for a site visitor to find.

Four Upcoming Detailed Posts

In the next four posts, we’ll be highlighting features within the new directory. An overview of the four features is detailed below.

Note: We will be updating the sections below to provide direct links to each post as they are released so you can revisit this post and access them from here

1. Person & Organization Listing Redesign

A member’s listing is their bread and butter. Their listing is where their information calls “home”. We dive into the redesign of a member’s listing and will look at:

  • A sample of a person listing
  • A sample of an organization listing with multiple contacts
  • The image galleries with unlimited images and the three layouts to choose from
  • Displaying custom panels with custom fields and parameters
  • How those panels of member information can be moved to prioritize the important information
  • Single or double column layouts to best fit your website design

Read the full article by clicking the post below:

2. Different Layouts per Membership Level

Our new “layouts” feature allows you to automatically change how a member appears in the search results and customize the details in their listing based on their membership level.

For example, gold-level members could display images in their listings while bronze-level members cannot. Providing tangible and visual incentives for a member to upgrade to a higher tier of membership is great, except for all the additional admin work needed to normally make it happen… but not anymore! We’ll look into how Membee will make the changes for you automatically once it’s set up so you can say goodbye to the administrative work.

More specifically, we’ll dive into:

  • Layouts for organization-based listings with multiple contact people
  • Layouts for person-based listings
  • Customization for each layout to highlight and promote your membership differently
  • Reorganize and reorder each section of the listing at ease with drag and drop
  • Automatic layouts based on membership level
  • You can set up an unlimited number of layouts!

3. Redesigned Search Results

The modernized search results make it easy for visitors to view the results in a clean and up-to-date look. We’ll be looking at the following:

  • Search results for person listings
  • Search results for organization listings
  • Location matters with the maps and pins
  • Highlight member Special Offers
  • Distinguished look for featured listings
  • Contact a member’s listing from the search results

4. Intuitive & Visitor-Friendly Filtering

We improved the search and filtering capabilities to make your directory as easy to use as possible. In this post, we’ll look at:

  • The landing page to access the full search
  • Intuitive searching for all site-visitors
  • Customize the available filters
  • Allow visitors to change filters on the fly while they search

5. Augment Your Directory Branding

With built-in styling, Membee’s directory can fit seamlessly into your website without a single line of code or a web developer:

  • Match font, link colors, button colors, backgrounds, etc to your website
  • Unique styling per membership level
  • Making featured listings stand out
  • Pop sponsored listings to the top
  • Advanced Styling to override anything

What’s Coming Next?

The “Person & Organization Listing Redesign” post will drop on Tuesday, March 29th, so keep an eye on your inbox!

To be informed when Membee’s new directory is released, follow our announcements and release notes found below:

Got Questions?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our client services team at!

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