Six Hours of Invaluable Best Practices & Features

Missed out on one of our webinars? Don’t count yourself out – rewatch all of our webinars since 2020. Access 6 hours of best practices covering topics including a full demo of Membee Complete, membership retention, acquiring new members, or even advanced event setups – you can start using them today!

While the rest of the world went virtual, we were buzzing around the idea of hosting webinars to put the best practices into your hands and have a greater impact on our users globally. Two years later and 7 webinars in, we have invaluable content that you can access at any time, any day!

From the latest to the oldest, watch a full replay of each webinar! (Membee login required)

Five Major Benefits of Membee Complete’s Features 

March 2, 2022

Need a new website or want to explore your options? Membee Complete might be the option you need to consolidate your membership and website needs with us! We looked at what’s included in Membee Complete such as the free site setup services, how to create & edit pages including a page structure, different page layouts, securing members-only content, and add-ons such as a job board, discussion spaces, etc.


The Five Best Practices for Member Retention

November 3, 2021

In this webinar, we look at the five best practices to keep your members engaged and connected to your organization. The five best practices include how you can stress your member benefits, how to make renewal as easy as possible for members and staff/volunteers, reward members for renewing, offer opportunities for them to continue to participate, and how cancelled members can easily be reinstated by you or on their own. We cover why each practice is important and how you can do it in Membee.


Maximizing Membee on Your Website

August 4, 2021

Your website plays an integral part in your success and how you connect with your members and prospects. In this webinar, we covered various topics and features that allow you to maximize Membee on your website in ways you may not have explored before such as feeds that update automatically, maximizing the event widget, newsletter options, and widget styling to match your website’s branding.


Advanced Event Management: Get More Out of Your Events 

May 5, 2021

We take a deep dive into the advanced event features Membee offers, showing you live examples and how you can set them up. We cover how you can set up a variety of items to offer the best prices and packages for your event, how to spruce up your event to captivate the prospective registrant, communicate & stay in touch with your registrants or non-registrants before & after the event, and generating the most common event reports!


Looking Back at 2020 & Exciting News For 2021

February 3, 2021

In 2020, Membee released a number of major features in 5 different key areas. When we implement new features, our goal is to always cut down steps and provide better workflows for YOU! In this webinar, we review all the incredible features released by Membee in 2020 so that you can bring the new features to your team and implement them, and a sneak peek of what was in our development roadmap for 2021


The Four Best Practices to Perfecting the New Member Experience

September 16, 2020

In this webinar, we look at the four best practices for acquiring new members and how you can cultivate the new member experience. The four best practices include how you can communicate your member benefits effectively, make new member sign up easy for prospects and staff/volunteers, engaging the new member as soon as possible, and building new membership campaigns with Membee. 


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