Relevant & Easy To Use Directory Searching Makes Your Members Easier to Find

Every great directory experience starts with the ability to search the directory in ways that are relevant to your site visitor. If you track information about your members, whether it is geographic location, services offered, proven expertise, or some unique search term, your site visitors can use the same characteristics to find the member(s) they are looking for. In this post, we’re focusing on how to customize how site visitors search and filter in your Membee directory so it fits their needs.

Preview of the Search Page

The directory’s full search allows visitors to use search terms and/or filters to find listings that meet specific characteristics. Right away, the search page displays all potential search filters to provide an intuitive search experience.

One of Membee’s most powerful features is the ability to create your own custom parameters fields. Custom parameters track the characteristics of your members using your very own terminology which makes them easier to find. In a few clicks, add the parameter fields to your directory landing page for visitors to use as a filter.

Search Page for Person-Based Directories

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Search for Organization-Based Directories

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Intuitive Searching At Your Fingertips

There are two ways that allow visitors to easily access the search from literally anywhere on your website:

1. The Search Page

  • Use links, buttons, and menu options anywhere on your site to take site visitors to your directory’s Search page
  • Site visitors can always return to the Search page from search results

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2. Fine-tuning Search Filters 

  • Filters can be expanded without leaving the search result page
  • Original search filters are preserved
  • New filters can be set for a new search

Customize the Filtering

You have full control over what filters appear on your search page, allowing you to set up personalized filters to best serve your visitors and members. 

Customized filtering could include categories, custom parameters, etc – all of which you can add, remove, or easily reorganize with drag and drop.

The Search Looks Everywhere

On occasion, visitors may search for a custom term or text. The search will look just about anywhere that isn’t categorized such as the name, category, or even in the description. This is advantageous for listings to be found beyond using filters.

For example, a visitor may search for a specific term such as “crypto”, below is an example of how the search finds the word in a listing’s description. 

When Does the New Directory Drop?

The new directory is readying for release in Mid-May!

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know with an alert in Membee as well as an Announcement and Release Notes in our Help From the Hive. 

Want to see more of the new upcoming directory features? Check out the following:

Got Questions?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our client services team at!

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Fredo Declán Hernández

SO excited about this substantial feature release! Thank you, Membee!!