Four Modern & Engaging Options to Add Links to Your Pages

Stop pasting plain URLs on your website and start making the links more engaging and appealing to click. With a Membee Complete website, there are various methods to display links that keep your website modern and attractive including a button, content boxes, images, or even show it as a menu option.

Let’s say you have a page on your website that you would want to link to a different page. When it’s time to add a new one, do you paste the plain URL into the body of the page and hyperlink it behind the text? Do you struggle to make it look like an appealing link to interact with?

Membee Complete offers various options that make it easy to add a new link to keep your website looking modern and professional:

  1. Use a Button
  2. Use Content Boxes
  3. Hyperlink an Image
  4. Display as a Menu Option

1. Use a Button

Displaying a button is a quick and easy method to direct visitors to a URL. The button can be styled to match the website branding and display custom text.

A button can be added in just four clicks!

A call-to-action button that directs visitors to the membership sign-up forms

2. Content Boxes

Content boxes are perfect to display multiple links in a uniform manner, offering various styling options and more descriptive information for each link.

For example, if you have four different links to add to a page, content boxes allow you to separate each into its own section with its own icon, title, description, and button.

Four content boxes show a description and button to link to different areas of the website

3. Hyperlink an Image

Got an image you want to use on your website but want visitors to direct to a specific page? 

When you upload an image and edit the image details, Membee Complete provides the option to include an “Image Link URL”, allowing you to easily type, paste a link, or choose a page on your website!

For example, the image below is clickable when hovered over and a link is entered in the “Image Link URL” field.

An image that is clickable

The Image Link URL setting when editing an image

4. Display as a Menu Option

Got an important link you want to emphasize or highlight no matter what page you’re viewing? You can include it in your website menus!

Commonly, important links could include:

  • An annual conference or event
  • A vital blog or news post
  • Partnered websites or third-party resources
  • & more… the possibilities are endless

An upcoming fall conference is being highlighted in the menu, providing easy access for visitors

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