Exclusively Allow Members to Post Job Listings on Your Website

A members-only job board on your website can add value to your membership, becoming the one-stop shop for your members and visitors. Members can post job listings to your website while visitors can explore and apply for any applicable jobs within their interest. This member benefit widens their chance to locate the perfect candidate for the position.

Membee Complete offers various additional features that you may require for your website which we considered “add-ons”. One of these additional features is a job board that allows members to post open positions for the public to apply to.

How Does the Job Board Work?

The Job Board is added to a page on your website, but other elements to make the job board successful also include:

  • A member-facing jobs dashboard (i.e. manage their jobs, edit positions, delete jobs, mark as “filled”, etc)
  • Easy-to-use job entry form with numerous fields about the job and the company
  • Ability to customize the visibility of the job and a deadline
  • Job submission can be approved by a Membee Complete subscriber on your team before it’s visible
  • Visitors can easily apply for the position

2 Step Process for Members & Visitors

On both sides, it takes 2 steps for members and visitors to be able to manage or view job postings.


  1. The member logs in with their Membee login, no different than accessing any other members-only content
  2. The member can proceed to:
    • Add a new job posting
    • Manage existing job postings (remove, marked as completed, etc)


  1. The visitor would view the public job postings page on your website
  2. Proceed to apply for the position following the instructions in the posting

Posting Job Listings Publicly or Privately

Membee’s login facilitates who can log in to post or manage job listings – meaning members with good standing memberships can access the job board. 

Equally so, lapsed members with deactivated logins cannot access the job board to post or manage job listings.

No matter what your member needs are, you can:

  • Only allow members to post jobs on a public job board
  • Only allow members to post jobs on a private job board (i.e. member to member)
  • Allow anyone to post jobs on a public job board

To post a new job listing, completing a simple form will submit a new job. Below is the start of this new job form:

What’s Included In the Add-On

We set up the Add-On for you which includes some but is not limited to:

  • Install the Job Management and application deadline in your Membee Complete site
  • Enhancement your website’s Search so that job listings are returned in search results
  • Secure your job board with Membee-managed member usernames and passwords
  • Perform basic styling so the job board matches your Membee Complete site’s design
  • Test adding job listings, notifications to the website administrators, the members-only security, and the site search

Click here to learn more about all the features included and the one-time setup cost!

Already Using Membee?

This add-on is only available to Membee Complete clients. If you’re interested in Membee Complete, contact us and we’ll start by providing a cost comparison of your current subscription and more details!

New To The Hive?

If you’re looking to implement Membee Complete, choose your design and complete the demo form in the button below to schedule a demo of Membee Complete.

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