Sell & Display Exclusive Rotating Advertisements on Your Website

Increase your non-dues revenue by selling advertisement placements on your website for members or non-members! Advertisers can seize the opportunity to promote themselves to your website’s visitors in an improved display. You can control how long the advertisement is available by setting the date range, the maximum clicks, or even how the advertisements can rotate to give equal visibility for all ads. 

Membee Complete offers various additional features that you may require for your website which we consider “add-ons”. One of these features is an Ad Rotation that allows you to display advertisements in an engaging method that naturally suits your website styling.

How You Would Benefit From the Ad Rotation Add-On

While all add-ons are optional, it’s good to wonder why they might be valuable to your organization. Some of the reasons to use the Ad Rotation add-on are, but are not limited to:

  • Saving you time by setting a date range for the ad to display and be hidden automatically – this means no manual changes when the expiry date comes around
  • Expand your revenue resources by selling advertising space
  • Become a credible advertising space with trusted advertisers to build deeper relationships
  • Increase community engagement by displaying ads for local businesses

Start By Selling Advertisements in Membee

You’re welcome to offer advertisements on your website for free, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to expand your funds outside of the regular membership revenue. 

With Membee’s store feature, you can:

  • Sell different types of advertisement 
  • Receive online payments immediately upon purchase
  • The advertising purchase is saved to the purchaser’s record to track their history
  • You receive notifications when someone completes a purchase

Below is an example of an advertising store that cycles through and sells monthly advertisements: 

Displaying the Advertisements

The key to displaying the advertisements is to make them as visible as possible. 

The best practice is to display them on your home page or a sidebar, but you can display them on any page or news post!

You can control:

  • How long and when the ads display (i.e. start and end dates, the maximum number of clicks or impressions, etc)
  • Where the ad displays so that the same ad is used across multiple pages
  • When the ads can rotate for equal visibility opportunities – either on refresh or dynamically in every few seconds
  • Displaying different ads when viewing on a mobile device
  • The priority or weight of each ad to influence ad display frequency

Ad Rotation on the Home Page
(click image to enlarge)

Ad Rotation on the Sidebar
(click image to enlarge)

Capture Advertisement Statistics

The Ad Rotation will track the performances of the ad, this includes:

  • Graphic of the statistics in your Membee Complete Dashboard
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Exclude traffic from site administrators and bots
  • Ability to export the performance data

An example of ad advertisement’s statistics can be seen below:

What’s Included in the Add-On

At a one-time setup cost, we set up the Add-On for you which includes some but is not limited to:

  • Installing the add-on to your website
  • Inserting 4 ads to display on your home page
  • Inserting 4 ads to rotate in a sidebar 
  • Implement basic styling to match your website design
  • Testing the ad setup, rotation, notifications, and ads on other pages

Already Using Membee?

This add-on is only available to Membee Complete clients. If you’re interested in Membee Complete, contact us and we’ll start by providing a cost comparison of your current subscription and more details!

New To The Hive?

If you’re looking to implement Membee Complete, choose your design and complete the demo form in the button below to schedule a demo of Membee Complete.

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