4 Steps to Streamline How You Track Your Event Sponsorships

Looking for a way to offer and track event sponsorships? In a four-step process, you can streamline the sponsorship purchases into your event, utilize all the advantages of events including the flexible settings, promote it no less than any other event, easily capture registrations and display the event sponsors, and fully report who your sponsors are with a single report.

You may separate the sponsorship registrations in the past, but that would require twice the amount of work to set up and upkeep – making it confusing to manage. One of our recommended best practices is to manage your event sponsorships in your event. In four steps, you can streamline your sponsorship tracking with your event registrations so it’s less work to administrate!

Step 1: Offer Sponsorships Directly in Your Event

That’s right – instead of capturing sponsorships elsewhere, you can offer sponsorship opportunities right from your event, in addition to your general event registration!

Displaying it in your event can:

  • Boost the sponsorship exposure for more potential sponsorship registrations
  • Sponsorship and other registrations can be purchased at the same time
  • Allow you to easily track all your registrations in one place

Features You Can Use For Sponsorships

When setting up your event, you can utilize features such as:

  • A fixed price or a variable price with a minimum cost (purchaser enters an amount)
  • Full description of what’s included in the sponsorship package
  • Maximum quantity of sponsorships available
  • A timeframe of when the sponsorship is available
  • Set as a charitable item to produce a charitable receipt

Step 2: Promote Your Event & Sponsorships

The benefit to offering sponsorships with your event is the option to continue marketing your event as usual – visitors to your event page will also see the sponsorship opportunities – making you more efficient with your marketing efforts. 

You can have a specialized promotion strategy for your sponsorships too, such as:

  • Displaying a “Sponsorship Opportunity” page on your website that links to each event that offers sponsorship
  • A dedicated slider or section on your website with the full sponsorship details
  • An email campaign sent through platforms like MailChimp or Constant Contact
  • Display the event sponsorships in your new member application or member renewal
  • & more!

Step 3: Let The Registrations Flow In!

This is where you’ll reap the benefits and receive registrations for your event, whether general or sponsorship registrations. 

Visitors can pay online at the time of their registration or choose to pay with a check and Membee will handle the invoicing, making it easy for you to manage.

When you receive sponsorship registrations, you can promote and display the sponsors in your event to thank them for their support! 

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Step 4: Gather a List of Sponsorships

At any point, when you need a list of your sponsorships, you can easily gather a list of your sponsors by using the Event Details report based on Purchasers. This report can provide you with the following but is not limited to:

  • What was purchased
  • Who the purchaser was
  • Any attendee information in the registration
  • The paid or owing status of their purchase
  • & so much more


For more detailed instructions to set up your event sponsorships, visit the links below (Membee login required):

If you have further questions, contact us at support@membee.com!

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Thank you for this post. I always thought we had to have a separate ‘event’ just for the sponsorships in order for the accountant to easily report in the financials to our board. Am I incorrect in that assumption or can the sponsorships be included in the actual event and be separately reported for the financial reporting?