Stay Connected & Engaged With Your Members to Improve Your Renewal Rates

Using Membee’s Retention & Milestone Automation, you can set up automatic emails to improve your relationship with your members. Whether that’s an email to wish them a happy birthday or an email 1 month after a new member joins, you can strengthen your connection and in turn, improve your retention and renewal rates.

During the engagement stage, you’ll want to build a relationship with the new or existing member to increase the retention rate as they are perceived as an integral part of your organization. A strong relationship with them can bring the most value to their membership which increases their renewal rate. The Retention & Milestone automation helps you facilitate that automatically.

How Does The Retention & Milestone Automation Work?

The automation refers to a specific date that is tracked in your database. Based on your automation settings, it can proceed to send an email in relation to that date (i.e. a month after the tracked date)

Dates that the automation can use include:

  • Join Date
  • Birthday
  • Date-Specific Custom Field (this allows you to use custom fields stored in your database unique to your organization)

Three Communication Methods

The automation can send email communication to:

  1. Only the member and will not alert user
    • This helps minimize the number of unnecessary email notifications to users
    • For example, you don’t need a notification that a member received a happy birthday email
  2. Only alert the user and do not email the member
    • This is perfect to gather a list of members that meet the requirements and inform the user, allowing them follow-up in other methods such as a phone call, video call, specialized marketing, etc
    • For example, a list of all new members 1 month after joining to mail free merchandise
  3. Both members with a tailored email AND the user with a list of members

Examples of When it Can Be Used

Common examples of how this automation can be useful include but are not limited to

  1. Sending an email after a specific date
    • An email to new members 1 month after joining
    • An email to student members to congratulate them on their graduation date (a custom field)
  2. Sending an email on the anniversary of a specific date
    • A “Happy Birthday” message every year on the member’s birthdate
    • A “Happy Anniversary” message sent every year on the member’s original join date
  3. Sending an email before or after a specific anniversary of a date 
    • An email sent just before the 18th year from a youth’s birthday. This can be done to wish them a happy birthday and remind them to upgrade to an adult membership

Examples of Onboarding Emails

You can easily implement a series of emails that communicate to new members as an onboarding strategy. To do this, you can send an email to the member on schedule such as:

  • 1 month after joining
  • 3 months after joining
  • 6 months after joining

Each onboarding email has its own tailored message to highlight different key benefits in their membership and engage the new member. Below is an example of each email with its own messaging:

1 Month
Includes links to exclusive member resources

(click image to enlarge)

3 Month
Includes links to upcoming events and a discount code

(click image to enlarge)

6 Month
Includes a link to a survey for feedback

(click image to enlarge)


For more detailed instructions to set up your event sponsorships, visit the links below (Membee login required):

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