Automatically Gather a List & Email Members Requiring New Documents For Renewal

Does your membership require new documents for renewal in advance such as waivers, liability forms, certifications, etc? Membee’s Renewal Prerequisite Reminder Automation helps you keep track of and contact members that haven’t uploaded new documents required for membership renewal during your renewal period.

The Renewal Prerequisite Reminder Automation can gather a list of members that have not uploaded a specific document within a time period automatically, saving you time from tracking it manually.

How Does the Renewal Prerequisite Reminder Automation Work? 

Members will need to be able to upload the new files through their online profile. This plays a significant part in how the automation will identify who needs to upload a new document. 

Who Receives The Communication?

You can set up multiple Renewal Prerequisite Reminder Automations to send a note to the member and/or the user at different points in the timeline. 

There are three ways that the automation can be used:

  • Only send a tailored email to your members without altering Membee users
  • Only send a list of members to Membee users without altering the member, giving them the opportunity to personally follow up through a phone call, or direct marketing
  • Send both members a tailored email AND a list of the members to Membee users

For example, your 1st prerequisite reminder could notify your members only, while your 2nd prerequisite reminder notifies only Membee users so that you can be more proactive in receiving the documents.

Example of the Prerequisite Period Timeline

Let’s say your membership renewals occur on January 1 and proof of certification is required for renewal. 

Your schedule may look like this:

  1. 90 days prior to renewal: a pre-renewal email is sent to inform members of the upcoming renewal and to upload their new proof of certification starting now
  2. 60 days prior to renewal: the first renewal prerequisite reminder is sent to members that haven’t uploaded their new proof of certification
  3. 30 days prior to renewal: the second renewal prerequisite reminder sends a list of members that haven’t uploaded the new certification to only Membee users to personally follow up with them (i.e. phone call, specialized email marketing, etc)
  4. 15 days prior to renewal: the renewal billing is sent to members


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