Your Friendly Membership Renewal Checklist

Any time you need to review your membership renewals and prepare them, use our friendly renewal checklist to get through your tasks! The friendly renewal checklist helps ensure that no task gets missed for a smooth and seamless renewal process for you and your members.

Membership renewals are the epitome of all the work you’ve put in the past year to make your memberships excel, but it can also feel like one of the most tedious tasks to handle – not to worry, we have you covered! 😁

Use our checklist and steps below to ensure you’re off to a great start!

✅ Check all of your automation settings and when emails will be sent
✅ Update the email templates for your automations
✅ Review your online billing page
✅ Add the ability to change membership levels, donate, or register to the invoice
✅ Complete any price changes
✅ Preview invoices in advance and make adjustments if necessary

Check Your Automation Settings

While your automation settings should remain fairly consistent each year, it’s good practice to be familiar with the full timeline so you can work around this schedule or make adjustments if needed – this isn’t the best time for surprises!

For example, it’s important to know when the renewals will be sent, when reminders will be emailed, and when your cancellation will drop members if they remain outstanding. 

How to Check Your Automation Settings

Update Your Automation Email Templates

It’s important to tailor the body of your email to your audience to make your emails more effective. You may have custom information to recap the past year or highlight upcoming developments for the year ahead. Invest the time to build and create a strong email! 

How to Review & Update Your Automation Emails

Review Your Online Billing Page

This page is where your invoices call home and where your members will be paying for their membership. Content may change throughout the year so it’s good practice to review the setup. 

Some key pieces include:

  • Review the “Hosted Page URL” to ensure the correct page URL is entered
  • Review the “Logo URL” to confirm that the right logo is used
  • Review the “Comments” section for any custom information

How to Configure & Review the Online Billing

Complete Any Prices Changes

If your membership prices need to be updated from year to year, Membee makes the process seamless for you. 

If all memberships should be updated to a new price, you can update the price and Membee can make the change on existing memberships for you.

There are four different ways to change your membership prices that might apply to you:

Allow Members to Change Membership Levels, Donate, or Register for Events

The online invoices allow members to make changes to their membership level or add-on purchases conveniently in one process, saving you and your member time! 

You can display additional sections on your invoices to allow members to

Preview Invoices in Advance

Stay ahead of the game and view who will be renewing within a specific period of time (for example, January 1) so that you can review if the memberships are correct and if not, the chance to update it before the renewals are sent out!

How to Preview Your Membership Invoices
How to Update a Member’s Billing

Questions? Need Help?

At any point, if you need assistance with your billing, you’re welcome to reach out to us! Contact us at!

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