All the Buzz in the 2022 Year

It buzzed by, but here we are, another year gone! Take a look at this past 2022 year with us and all the latest buzz we covered with the opportunity to see what features you can implement in the coming 2023 year!

As 2022 comes to a wrap, we’re looking at all the buzz within the past year in one post, making it easier for you to learn and take advantage of any features in 2023!


Displaying Global Content on Your Membee Complete Site

Using Membee Complete and want to display content on multiple pages but streamline it so you only need to manage it on one area? We have you covered!


Cancelled Members Can Reserve Their Cancellation

If a member is cancelled, you can allow them to reserve their cancellation so they can continue to renew and be members!

Membee Complete Webinar

In the first webinar of the year, we dove into how Membee Complete works, identical to a live demo! Missed it and want to learn more? We have you covered with a full replay of the webinar!


New Directory Redesign

We announced a four-party series where we would highlight the redesigned directory and new features that were upcoming. This felt like just yesterday!

Directory Listing Customization Options

In the first piece of the four-part series, we had a look at person and organization directory listings and the features that come with the new design.


Display Directory Listings Differently Per Membership

If your organization has different benefits for each membership level, you can customize the information or style of a listing for a specific membership level to stand out and be unique!

Engaging Search Results

The third-part of our directory series dives into the search results and how all the features help make your members easier to find and keeps the visitor engaged with the member listing.

Easy to use Search Capabilities

The search page allows you to display filters to find tailored results. Visitors can fine-tune the search filters without leaving the results page!


Keep Your Directory Style Consistent With Your Brand

When your brand remains consistent throughout your website, your credibility increases with your visitors. The new directory can seamlessly fit into your website branding with built-in styling!

Display Images on Your Membee Complete Website

Membee Complete’s built-in image elements can help you make your images engaging and visually appealing to your visitors! We dive into the 3 most common methods that are used by our users.


“Promoting Members With Enhanced Directory Listings” Webinar

We dive into how you can enhance your directory to better promote your members and the best practices for your directory! Missed it and want to learn more? We have you covered with a full replay of the webinar!

How to Add Engaging Links to Your Membee Complete Website

We dive into various methods to display or add links on your website while keeping it engaging and visually appealing for your visitors.


Secured Document Library Add-On For Membee Complete

Want to allow members to download private documents and files exclusive to them? With a Membee Complete website, the secured document library add-on allows you to provide just that!

Post Job Listings on Your Membee Complete Website

With a Membee Complete website, you can add-on the job listing feature that allows members to post new jobs while visitors can apply for new jobs!


Members-Only Discussion Spaces

Membee Complete offers an additional feature to provide a discussion space for members (even non-members) to engage and stay connected within the community!

Increase Your Revenue & Display Rotating Ads

You can offer and sell rotating advertisement placements to your members or non-members with the Rotating Ads add-on for your Membee Complete site!


Tracking Event Sponsorships

Capture your event sponsorships within your existing event to streamline all purchases and make it convenient for purchasers to register and become a sponsor!


5 Stages of the Membership Lifecycle

We dove into how you can make your membership lifecycle stronger with the least amount of administrative work! Missed it and want to learn more? We have you covered with a full replay of the webinar!

Keeping Your Members Engaged & Connected

Our retention & milestone automation sends automatic emails to your members to build and strengthen your relationship with them throughout their membership lifecycle!


Remind Members of Required Documents for Renewal

Membee’s renewal prerequisite reminder automation helps notify you and email members that haven’t uploaded the appropriate documents for renewal.

Your Membership Renewal Checklist

Every year, it’ll always come around, but keep a checklist of tasks and to-dos to cover to prepare for a smooth upcoming renewal season!

Enter G/L Entires into Your Accounting System

You can streamline your accounting reporting with this one-method that will save you and your accountant administrative time!

Welcoming 2023

Each year, we’re committed to working smarter, harder, and better for all of our users.

We want to thank everyone for the great year and we wish you all a great 2023!

If you have any questions regarding Membee, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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