Issue Charitable Receipts for Donations Received In The Past Year

If your organization plans to or does qualify as a charitable organization, you can accept donations that are tax deductible right in Membee. Certain items can be setup in Membee to be charitable, giving you the ability to issue a charitable receipt to the purchaser at any time, such as monthly or at the end of the year! 

Am I Qualified to Be Charitable? 

Based on the location of your organization, you would need to explore the qualifications required in your respective jurisdiction (province/state or federal government) and the requirements to become charitable. 

To identify if you might be qualified and if you would like to apply in your respective country or province/state, the links below will help as a starting point to learn more:

Government of Canada – Becoming a Registered Charity
United States of America – Charities and Nonprofits

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How You Can Receive Donations

1) Directly From Your Website

By setting up donations in Membee, you can gather donations directly from your website so that visitors and members can opt to donate on their own at any given time! 

Setting up donations

2) Turn Existing Items As Charitable With One Click

Any item in Membee can be a charitable item – whether that’s a membership item or an event item, you have the flexibility and freedom to make specific items charitable.

If you have existing billing items or event items, in one click, you can turn a regular item into a charitable item. From that point onward, any purchases and payments made to that item will be considered fully charitable! 

Set up event items to be charitable items
Set up membership billing items to be charitable items

What Information Displays in the Charitable Receipt? 

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There are standards to charitable receipts and Membee follows these standards to ensure the receipt is permitted for the donor’s taxes. 

The charitable receipts include the following information:

  • Your charitable ID
  • Your organization’s name
  • Your organization’s logo
  • Signature for the authorized person (i.e. President, CEO, etc)
  • Name of the authorized person
  • Government agency information
  • Purchaser’s information and charitable amounts

Previewing, Emailing, and Printing Charitable Receipts

You can produce charitable receipts for all new donations on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The most common is at the end of the year, decreasing the workload throughout the year and when donors will begin gathering their charitable contributions.

Membee will guide you through the following:

  1. Previewing the receipts
    • An email will be sent to you with a preview of the receipt that the donor will receive
    • The email will include a report with a list of all donors found
  2. Posting the receipts
    • The receipts will be created based on your settings for every donor/purchase found
    • They are not emailed to the member just yet
  3. Emailing the receipts
    • You can proceed to email the receipt to the donor
    • You can include previous charitable receipts in the past too if desired
  4. Print the receipts
    • If you prefer to print out the receipts and traditionally mail them, you can generate a PDF to print all the receipts

Charitable Receipts Produced Are Saved on The Donor’s Record

All charitable receipts created are attached to the donor’s record in their financial records so you can always review what receipts have been produced and re-email them or re-print them!

Questions? Need Help?

At any point, if you need assistance with login, you’re welcome to reach out to us! Contact us at!

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