Using Member Login to Elevate Your Member Benefits

Start your year off strong by ensuring your members have their login setup to access member benefits throughout the year, including members-only pricing, their member profile, and secured members-only pages on your website. 

One of the key advantages to being a member is accessing exclusive benefits. To keep the benefits secured, member login helps facilitate that. Login becomes an immediate tangible resource that affirms their membership and makes them feel like a member.

With a login, the member can access:

  • Their own member profile
  • Members-only event pricing
  • Members-only content on your website

Allow New Members To Setup Login

To ensure that all new members can set up their login when they join, you can enable Membee to automatically send them a welcome email that will activate their login. 

This means all new members can gain immediate access to member only benefits!

Set up an email template that allows the new member to set up their login

Activating & Resending The Login in Bulk

Want to get a good start to the year? Membee can:

  1. Email all members who have never been activated before
    • There may be contacts that may have slipped through the cracks and have never been emailed to set up their login
  2. Email members that did not complete their password setup
    • Some members may have been sent the login email in the past but didn’t setup a password before the link expires within 72 hours

To run a process that will email both groups of members at once, click here to activate your members in a batch

Using Login to Edit Member Profile Information

At their convenience, members can access their own profile information on your website using their login. If they are a contact of a company, they can view and edit the company’s information (at your discretion).

Key benefits include:

  • Your members have control over their personal information, strengthening their confidence in your organization
  • Decreased administrative upkeep and pressure for you to keep your member’s information up to date for them
  • Delinquent members that are cancelled will have their login deactivated so they cannot access their account

Setting Up & Maintaining the Online Member Profile

Using Login To Purchase Events at Member Price

Are one of your member benefits a discounted price for events? If so, Membee’s member pricing works together with login to only allow members to take advantage of the discounted price.

A specific event item would require login so that Membee can identify if the person is a member. If so, they can proceed at the discounted rate!

Set up an event with member and non-member pricing

Using Login to Access Secured Content on Your Website

Your website can home documents, publications, or any content that should only be for the member’s eyes. In collaboration with Membee’s login feature, you can require specific pages on your website to require login. 

With WordPress, you can install Membee’s login plugin to help facilitate this:

Integrating Membee’s Login with Your WordPress Site

If you host your website with a different provider, your web developer can use the resource below to setup the Member Single Sign-On (MSSO) using code:

Implementing Membee’s Member Single Sign-On Service (MSSO)

Questions? Need Help?

At any point, if you need assistance with login, you’re welcome to reach out to us! Contact us at!

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