The Okanagan Folk School Highlights Instructors & Courses With Membee Complete

After many years with a basic website with limited features and design functionalities, the Okanagan Folk School shares their experience when they migrated to Membee Complete in order to utilize a membership system that seamlessly integrates with a membership website, including the ability to feature their instructors and the ongoing courses they offer throughout the year.

The Okanagan Folk School Didn’t Start With Membee Complete

That’s right – they didn’t start off with Membee Complete and you don’t have to either! 

In late 2021, the Okanagan Folk School was in search of a membership system that would help facilitate the core needs of membership. They opened the door to Membee and kept their existing website to start. 

In mid-2022, they made the transition to Membee Complete to build a new website with us, allowing them to begin their process to seamlessly tie the membership system with a fully-packaged membership website – a gradual transition that greatly benefits the future and its longevity. 

Why Did They Choose Membee Complete?

Murray, the President & Treasurer of Okanagan Folk School, graciously shared that they weren’t very successful at first as their website was so basic that it was hard to design and manage. 

However, the cost of Membee Complete was favorable and the synchronicity between the membership system was a no-brainer.

“We did a lot of research for membership systems and I knew it was time for a membership system… once everything is set up, it’s all automated for you. I like the look and people like the look too. Our board members are coming up with new ideas and it seems Membee has been able to support all the ideas in capacity” 

Murray, President & Treasurer
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The School Features Their Instructors & Courses

The Okanagan Folk School uses a unique feature on its Membee Complete site to display its instructors and ongoing courses in different categories for visitors to easily find. 

For example, visitors can view courses at the level of proficiency (beginner or intermediate) for something more appropriate within their skillset. Or view a specific instructor and the related courses that they would be teaching. 

Additionally, the ability to separate their ongoing courses from their events is a beneficial feature that the Okanagan Folk School is happy with! 

“We have a layout (instructors and courses) that we like and just by duplicating it, we can create even more… Everybody is excited about the option to find instructors or even the newsletter section. The flow of everything has been really good and the visits to our website have spiked too.”

Murray, President & Treasurer

Murray’s Recommendation to Other Organizations

“Get Membee Complete – it saves you so much time, hassle, and re-dos. The widgets sync perfectly with the look you want and the help desk makes sure you get it all. I would emphasize how streamlined it is, and how capable it is in terms of managing a large organization. You’ll save a lot of money and time going with Membee Complete from the beginning”

Murray, President & Treasurer

About The Okanagan Folk School

The Okanagan Folk School (OKFS) is about transforming lives, bringing people together in a nurturing environment for experiences in learning and community life that spark self-discovery.

A Folk School promotes and preserves the knowledge, skills, crafts, and stories of the past and present. It helps students recognize and develop their creativity, talents and interests in a student-centered environment and having experiences that affirms individual differences.

Our Mission is to Create a strong community in Peachland dedicated to the joy of teaching, learning, and enriching the lives of our local citizens as well as folks from around the world. This will have Peachland become a significant, year-round, centre of learning in Western Canada. This mission also includes holding community events and seasonal celebrations and activities for children and families.

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