Transition to a New Support System to Improve Your Experience

In our ongoing efforts to improve the user experience, we are gradually transitioning to a new support system that will make accessing help better, improve our internal processes, and pave the way for exciting changes to come in the future.

Why Are We Transitioning to a New Support System?

How you get help is important to your experience in Membee. As a result, we have transitioned to a new support system that will allow us to improve our ticketing system, live chat, and help guide. 

While the changes are largely internal and have already helped us streamline many areas for our client service team, we can ensure that our users will reap the benefits in the future. 

There are big things on the way to Membee and just to kick things off, the transition to a new support system is just the beginning!

What’s Changed?

The impact for our users is very minimal. In fact, the change to the new support system allows us to:

  • Make chat easier to access as we’ve reduced a step
  • Increase our chat hours
  • Maintain the existing process to reach our client services team

We thank you for bee-ing patient with us as you may notice that some communication and help guides are still in the process of being transitioned into the new support system. 

Questions? Need Help?

At any point, if you need assistance with login, you’re welcome to reach out to us! Contact us at!

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