Offer New Membership to Non-Members Participating in Your Events

One of Membee’s strongest event benefits is tracking the registrants and purchasers for your events, while member registrations are a no-brainer, we also track non-members! Expand your new memberships by identifying who are your participating non-members and offering them a membership to take advantage of member benefits such as discounted event registrations!

Our most common event feature is the ability to offer member and non-member pricing. Members can register for a discounted rate while non-members must register at the full rate. This single feature is a visual representation of what tangible benefits your membership can offer to a non-member.

For example, a conference registration at $250 is a better price than $399 on any day!

Membee Tracks All Registrant Information

Whether you’re registering as a member or a non-member, the system will track the attendee and purchaser information. 

Membee will have a full participation history for the attendee and purchaser to know if they have engaged with your organization at a certain point in time. 

Have you been receiving non-member registrations? It’s time to use this to your advantage! 

Gather a List of All Non-Member Registrants

Membee’s Participation Report can provide you with a full list of non-members that have attended or purchased an event registration. The report includes a total count of the events they have participated in. 

If there are non-members participating in several events, they benefit from being a member.

The key here is identifying active non-members and using it as an opportunity to offer a new membership! 

Get Connected With The Active Non-Members

With such a unique group, you can develop a tailored marketing strategy that could include any of the following:

  • Personally reach out to the non-member via a phone call
  • Send them a single personalized email in Membee so that the system can keep the email history
  • Send them to MailChimp or Constant Contact and build an email campaign

Include a Specialized New Member Offer

While emailing them might be easy, it could be difficult to convert them into a member. 

Make it easier by setting up a promotional code that provides these non-members a discounted new membership so there are more reasons for them to become a member! 

For example, you can set up a promo code offering a 25% off discount.

Questions? Need Help?

The following help articles will help you find and communicate with these non-members:

At any point, if you need assistance, you’re welcome to reach out to us! Contact us at!

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