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Up Membership Renewals with Membee Automations

Come and watch a quick overview video of membership renewals in Membee!

On this week’s Latest Buzz blog we are focusing on membership renewals and how to use Membee’s powerful automations to get this done, eliminating hours of work for you! Why wouldn’t you want to get renewals easier, and faster!?

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Membee Users Group Conference 2017

On this week’s Latest Buzz blog post we recap Membee’s annual User Group Conference that took place June 1st and 2nd in Burlington, Ontario. Check out the main highlights of the 2-day event, and if you did not attend, read up on why it’s such a valuable experience for Membee and it’s users. It’s time to get the most you can out of Membee, join the User Group today and plan on attending in 2018!

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Easy to Visually Flag Overdue Members

This week on the Latest Buzz blog we are going to focus on flagging your overdue members with Membee’s “Show Member Overdue Alert” feature. This will highlight overdue members in red, along with stating the number of days their membership is overdue.

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Easy Click & Drag Event Layout

On this week’s Latest Buzz blog post we explore how to edit and adjust the layout and design of your events in Membee! Watch a short video on how to fully customize the design of your events or follow a few quick screenshot guides.

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Putting Your Facebook Page to Work Using Membee Feeds

This week on the Latest Buzz blog we are talking with the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand about how they utilize Membee “feeds”. Put your Facebook to work for you with an Upcoming Events feed, New Members Feed, Special Offers feed and more!

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