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Issue Charitable Receipts for Donations Received In The Past Year

If your organization plans to or does qualify as a charitable organization, you can accept donations that are tax deductible right in Membee. Certain items can be setup in Membee to be charitable, giving you the ability to issue a charitable receipt to the purchaser at any time, such as monthly or at the end of the year! 

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Lets Increase Your Member Retention Rates!

This week on the Latest Buzz blog we take knowledge from Association professionals to offer you tips and tricks on how to increase member retention. Sometimes switching things up and trying new tactics is all it takes to increase member retention by 20%.

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Don’t Miss out on Donation Opportunities

Add a “donate now” button to your website’s homepage! Members can also donate at the “checkout” page when they are signing up for a membership or renewing a membership. The easier it is to donate the more likely a member will!

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