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4 Steps to Streamline How You Track Your Event Sponsorships

Looking for a way to offer and track event sponsorships? In a four-step process, you can streamline the sponsorship purchases into your event, utilize all the advantages of events including the flexible settings, promote it no less than any other event, easily capture registrations and display the event sponsors, and fully report who your sponsors are with a single report.

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Six Hours of Invaluable Best Practices & Features

Missed out on one of our webinars? Don’t count yourself out – rewatch all of our webinars since 2020. Access 6 hours of best practices covering topics including a full demo of Membee Complete, membership retention, acquiring new members, or even advanced event setups – you can start using them today!

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Sell One Item & Automatically Offer A Discounted Second Item

Engage your members and non-members in an innovative way! By using Membee’s conditional promotions (think promo codes), you can increase sales and revenues when you offer additional purchases at a discounted price. Better yet, accomplish this without lifting a finger by having Membee offer this second item automatically.

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