Category: Membership

Membee Can Help Re-Engage Passive Members

The Non-Participation report is the perfect way to show members who seem to be a bit M.I.A that you miss them and would love for them to attend your next event! Read this week’s blog post for tips on how to re-engage members.

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Automate Communication Reminders, Thank You’s & More!

This week we go over email communication inside of Membee, with Automations. Not only can you automate your member’s entire membership lifecycle, but you can automate important communication. These communication emails help increase, renewals, event registration, and brand loyalty.

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Volunteers: Millennials Might Be Your Match

This week we look at how Millennials might be the perfect new additions to your team. We also take a look at refocusing and retaining the passion of past volunteers/board members who still want a foot in the door.

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